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 Rules Center

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PostSubject: Rules Center   Sun Feb 14, 2016 9:52 pm

Quote :
1- Its not allowed to open the base gate for cops/criminals.
2- You should follow server rules and gang rules , if you break server rules you will get warn after kick.
3- Its not allowed to help cops.
4- If you get any kind of punishment while you're in the gang you will be demoted then you will be kicked if you do it again  thats all.
5- If you left the gang while you're trial you'll be blacklisted.
6- Its allowed to insult/flame in the clanchat.
7- Its not allowed to ask for promote.
8- Its not allowed to ask for payday.
9- You should listen to any high ranked member in the gang
10- If you want to report anyone contact Jake or Majd.
11- If you go inactive more than 1 week you will be kicked.
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Rules Center
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